Hi! I’m Moving.


for some reason, I want to move out from here, hehe. maybe some of you knows why, because I already spill my heart out here and there. but the only exact reason is, I want to do a better writing. that’s it. I’m not good at writing an announcement so I ended my talk here. of course I won’t delete this blog, this is my first home you know x) feel free to unfollow hehe.

soo, i present to you my brand new home. (yes it’s marked private haha. feel free to ask for permission and I’ll granted one as soon as I can) xD will be opened, locked, opened again depends on my mood hahahaha. or you can leave your e-mail below and I’ll send an invitation as a viewer. thank you guys for the past four years. thank you for keeping up with me, read my story, being all ears when I need somebody to talk to. love you guys. (this is not good bye, by the way hehe). see you around, and have a nice day!

it’s not much. but it’s home. just like Ron Weasley said.


WS Birthday Bash and Blind Reading Challenge

happy birthday kesayanganku! <3 kuy ah ditebak-ditebak

Writers' Secrets

Halo, gaes, apa kabar???? Senang rasanya bisa turun tangan langsung meng-handle postingan event di WS, HAHAHA, dan ada baiknya kami berhenti cengengesan sampai di sini sebelum kami didepak karena kebanyakan ketawa, heuheu. Anyway, selamat memasuki bulan Desember, gaes, selamat menyambut akhir tahun 2016. Sampai mana resolusi tahun ini? Talk about the twelfth month of the year, Desember adalah bulan spesialnya WS. Bikos 1 Desember 2016 adalah anniversary WS yang pertama! Uyeah!! <3

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Special Event: Out of Playroom

yey! dont miss the fun!

Writers' Secrets

Ada pepatah kuno yang menyebutkan; tak kenal maka tak sayang. Maka Special Event: Out of Playroom ini digelar untuk memperkenalkan dua belas kontributor berbakat Writers’ Secrets angkatan 2016, menggarap tujuh genre fan fiksi/fiksi orisinil yang relatif belum banyak dikupas. Ketujuh genre (dan persyaratannya), adalah …

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